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NAITOH Laboratory of Six Ultimate systems

Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Applied mechanics and Aerospace engineering

While proposing original theories, computations, and experiments based on quantum statistical fluid physics, we try to generate six ultimate systems, which lie in both of biological and abiological processes. These challenges will be around the limiting points, which human beings go to.

(1) Fugine (Future ultimate engine): having high potential of thermal efficiency over 60% for various fuels including hydrogen and also for various targets including automobiles, power generators, aircrafts, and rockets.

(2) Fusine (Fusion engine): which may produce large energy beyond chemical reaction, i.e., combustion.

(3) Virtial engine: being simulators based on original theories including stochastic determinism

(4) Biological engine: Onto-biology based on cyto-fluid dynamic theory, which reveals essential mechanism underling living beings and also brings prognostic medication

(5) Economic engine (Morphogenic economics): which is also derived by onto-biology.

(6) Mother computer engine (Artificial genius): which is also based on onto-biology.

Last winter, scientific magazine “Research Features” was deeply interested in my researchs. Thus, on March 21, we published the article entitled

How particle breakups could connect phenomena (researchfeatures.com)


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